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Survo R 0.6.13
- Bugfix for reading help system files
- MODE can be used with string variables in FILE AGGR
- Improved internal resource allocation for FILE AGGR
- ...TO NEW <data> asks no more about overwriting in FILE AGGR
- Format can be given in the VARIABLES list of FILE AGGR: KA(###.#) MEAN VAR1
- Bugfix for skipping of masked variable in FILE SORT
- Extra lines cleared while displaying edit fields smaller than edit window
- RPLOT and RHISTO work even if written in lowercase letters
- Larger buffers for sucro-memory manipulation
- Bugfix for LOADP line length after encoding conversion
- ENCODING specification for SHOW
- U key to switch to UTF-8 in SHOW
- Support for reading large edit fields in LIST operations
- Bugfix for RPLOT device-error enquiry

Survo R 0.6.12
- Bug fix for relative paths in /LOAD sucro
- Minor changes to avoid compiler warnings (removal of 8-bit chars from C sources)
- FORMAT=0 can be used in FILE SAVE (in addition to NOFORMAT=1)
- NEWSPACE-specification forces FILE_SORT_MASK-mode in FILE SORT
- Highlighting in help system changed to show new Survo R properties (tag R, C disabled)
- Support for Survo 98 edit fields (large field format) in help system
- All edit fields are saved in large field format by default (override by putting (84ED) to SAVE line)
- Help system files in large field format
- Check for edit field type in UPDATE
- Different colors for FILE SHOW (system parameter file_show_colors and specification COLORS)
- PRINT skips comments on activation line
- Command-key works (in addition to ctrl) in key-combos with Mac
- Minor modifications to remove unnecessary calls to ___sincos_stret (Mac OS X problem)
- Variable inits for TAB

Survo R 0.6.11
- Bugfix for MAT #TRANSFORM (allows functions with several parameters (MAXARG=100))
- COPYBLO ... TO CLIPBOARD or <file> 
- STRIP_WHITE=1 specification cuts extra white space from strings in FILE LOAD data TO R>rdataframe
- Check for illegal LF in sucros (and LF-corrected KAL-sucro)
- Sound effects for FILE SHOW (OPTIONS=S or F2 F7 while viewing data)
- Bug fix for relative paths in /LOAD2 sucro

Survo R 0.6.10
- A few code clarifications in order to avoid some compiler warnings
- Sound signal support for tutorials, mouse/activation and FILE MEDIT (with package)
- KAL-sucro updated (KV)
- Some improvements for resource allocation management while using sucros
- Type coercions for R functions in editorial arithmetic
- Some speedups for RPLOT (using dev.hold() and dev.flush())
- Percent-encoding for URIs generated by F1-gGwWdD
- Enhanced checking of path names in numerous operations
- Some fixes for conversions with .= multi-activation
- Support to use editorial arithmetic for input number in ratio-conversions
- Max number of separate scale values raised from 100 to 10000
- Slightly improved finding of specifications in MTAB
- FILE_SORT_MASK system parameter and specification to enable/disable MASKing in FILE SORT
- Fix for running FILE SORT with selected variables in sucro
- Fixes for touch mode (variable initializations)
- Bugfix for MAT SAVE AS (read matrix from correct line)
- Bugfix for loading (non-https) urls
- Bugfix for TXTCONV (split conversion lines by space only)

Survo R 0.6.9
- Multiple variables can be used to define aggregate block in FILE AGGR
- FILE SORT allows VARS, MASK etc. (and NEWSPACE-specification)
- ...TO NEW <destdata> works with FILE SORT and FILE AGGR
- End of string check for F1-<number> 
- Fix for SVD tolerance in several MAT operations (RANK, NULL, BASIS)
- Replace count display and check for interrupt in continuous REPLACE

Survo R 0.6.8
- TRANSFORM does not overwrite non-transformed string variables
- Check for stack overflow in VAR
- FILE SAVE allows to give "model-line" using MODEL-specification
- Updated MSQPLOT-sucro
- FILTER=#SEMICOMMA specification in FILE SAVE
- Specifications VALUES and VALSUM for COMB
- New library function muste_geturlfile()
- Coercion checks for R variable values in C code
- Ask for installation of missing R-packages if required
- Support for loading from https using RCurl

Survo R 0.6.7
- Improvements for INDEX (CD=0 problem fixed, no more assumptions for 8+3 filenames)

Survo R 0.6.6
- Exit from Muste -> Exit from Survo
- Some repeated error messages removed from TRANSFORM
- No more VARS-warning with sucros in VAR
- Special case for ## format in MAT LOAD and LOADM
- Partial parse information used in R-code highlightning
- Extra update for statusbar with every keystroke
- More error-exit checks for MAT-operations
- Extra specification read for MAT SAVE
- Check for \r in next_mat_command()

Survo R 0.6.5
- Fixes for FILE AGGRE (no more garbage in output file, paths allowed for output files)

Survo R 0.6.4
- More variables inits for MAT (fixing some crashes)
- No autoadding of .MAT if .M is found from the matrix name
- WIDE=1 output as default for LOADM
- A few missing variable inits detected with valgrind fixed

Survo R 0.6.3
- Specifications FILTER=#DOTCOMMA and FILTER=#COMMADOT can be used to replace dots with commas (and vice versa) in FILE SAVE
- Autoconversion of single and double quotations to ASCII when coppying from clipboard
- If default Tcl/Tk clipboard fetching returns a zero length STRING, contents are fetched again using type UTF8_STRING
- Changed version check in /LM-ANOVA sucro
- Check for mask error in FILE LOAD <data> TO R>data
- Notification if MATCH-fields are of different type in FILE COPY
- Some extra printing to screen (by output_line as in STAT or TAB) can be skipped by using specification PRIND=0
- Fixes for path and output_open checks in COPY L1,L2 TO <file>
- Fix for maskline parsing while copying data matrix from edit field to data file
- Fix for partially overwritten masks while opening data matrix in edit field with maskline
- Path to start sucro can now be given with command survo(sucro="<Path to start sucro>"))
- Path to config file (such as MUSTE.APU) can be given with parameter config: survo(config="<Path to start config file">)
- In FILE SAVE, FIELDS-list is now by default searched only until next borderline
- FIELDS=<name> can be used in FILE SAVE to indicate fields-list to be used
- NEWS text file included

Survo R 0.6.2
- LaTeX.DEV device-file included
- Bug fix for CLASSIFY (hyphen parsing bug since changes in version 0.5.39)

Survo R 0.6.1
- Improvements for FILE MASK <data> (reads VARS/MASK if MASKING is missing, formatted output for generated MASKING list)
- Bugfix: MASK-activation clears no more extra lines
- Reimplemented muste_iconv() following the reEnc()-function from the R sources
- Conversion support for euro and long dashes

Survo R 0.6.0 (May 1 2013)
- Name changed to Survo R
- Editor can be launched with command survo()
- SELECT allows use of < and > (e.g. SELECT=A,>10,MAX or SELECT=A,MIN,<90)
- Improvements in VARS and MASK mixed use (VARS splits long lists and adds lines, MASK=#1 style can be used, mask column in which cursor is is returned if "wide view (Esc) is used)
- FILE MASK <data> searches MASKED-list below and if not found allows to use activation view to produce one
- COPY L1,L2 TO CLIPBOARD implemented
- FILE SAVE allows ENCODING-specification
- FILE LOAD checks availability of ENCODING earlier in order to avoid repeated error messages
- More variable initializations in MTAB
- Some problems with R>-activation fixed

Muste 0.5.47
- Fixed sucro command {next word} to work as expected with edit fields having width less than window width
- Some fixes for path handling

Muste 0.5.46
- No VARS-warning in VAR anymore
- Improved path-subst with system call

Muste 0.5.45
- A few improvements for MAHAL (D and P can now be calculated simultaneously, varname for P case, different printout if all missing, now data closed in all cases)
- Bug fix for crash in FILE SHOW with files including only one variable
- Some minor changes in R-code because of R 3.0.0

Muste 0.5.44
- Initial version of RBUF feature (highlighting R-syntax with R >= 3.0.0)
- Options DEFAULT, SYSTEM and WIN for ENCODING-statements (in LOADP)
- Updated version of sucro TABMAT (KV)
- In FILE SQL, QUERY XXX and QUERY XXX: (with or without colon can be used)
- Some improvements for Tcl/Tk Aqua support
- Bug fix: More comprehensive global variable initialization in arit.c
- Bug fixes for FILE MEDIT (no autosaving of missing value, no more crash in "new observation after new observation")
- Bug fix: original conversion in LOADW
- Bug fix: Cleaning of uninitialized variables in case of error in FILE CREATE
- Bug fix: Better behavior of VARSTAT in case of error (also cleans uninitilized variables)
- Bug fix for non-static chrconv in file_save.c

Muste 0.5.43
- Some minor changes for R 3.0 compatibility (changes to remove unnecessary Warnings and Notes produced by R CMD CHECK)
- Compatibility support for Tcl/Tk Aqua (ActiveTcl) version in Mac OS X (alternative bindings, conditional writeline() with "nbsp" for mouse support)
- Muste support for sucro /FUNC
- EXT_FUNC operation
- Unnecessary "Press any key"-notes removed from ARIT operations and informative feedback for certain EXT_FUNCs
- char() support for PUTEND and REPLACE

Muste 0.5.42
- Now also unsigned chars will be sorted correctly in SORT
- Matrix names including paths work better in MAT (conflict with / (slash) operation)
- Stopping of sucro won't re-init editor window

Muste 0.5.41
- Default alt bindings of Tcl/Tk removed
- Revised detection of path to R-binary

Muste 0.5.40
- ENCODING specification for SAVEP/W/U and LOADP/W/U (Example: ENCODING=UTF-8)
- Fix for SAVEW/LOADW conversion
- Support for char() notation (see TXTCONV) to present non-ascii characters in .APU-files
- Fix for handling filenames with path in TXTCONV/TXTDEL/TXTRIM/TXTEDTOUT/TXTEDTIN/TXTCOUNT (c-functions tr_avaa() and tr_avaa2())
- Path to R binary in system parameter R_command (can be also given in .APU)
- Sucros LOAD2 and Z use now R_command system parameter
- EXIT from Muste and R (extra key R in exit query)
- Fix for exiting using menu
- Bug fix for TRIM-commands (no more double error messages or changed lines after error)
- Error message instead of crash if unsupported conversion is given for muste_iconv() (as could happen with ENCODING-specification)
- Char 127 (DEL) not printed to avoid problems with Tcl/Tk text-widget
- Some more global variables automatically saved and restored in muste_stack (to avoid problems while calling modules from modules as in DD)

Muste 0.5.39
- char() -notation allowed for SKIP-specification in FILE SAVE
- NUMSEP-specification, similar as SKIP, but for numerical variables only
- DEC-specification for decimal point char in FILE SAVE
- Bug fix for zero length variables in FILE SAVE
- Quotes (") can be used in CLASSIFICATION rules (i.e. no split at spaces if string is quoted)
- RAW=1 specification in CLASSIFY interprets raw text until the last ":" as CLASSIFICATION rule (i.e. one classification rule per line - spaces, commas, hyphens allowed)
- STR_SPACE and STR_COMMA initialized in FILE LOAD
- Small change to /LOAD2
- muste_isnumber_dec() function to detect if string represents a numeric value with dec as decimal point)
- Architecture and path for R-executable saved to internal muste-variables

Muste 0.5.38
- Some bugfixes and unnecessary sleep removed from event loop
- Tcl/Tk message box only during interactive sessions

Muste 0.5.37
- BY ROW supported in MAT #COLSORT
- String can be used in #VALUES -function of FILE AGGR (hash codes of strings used)
- Bug fix for mouse clicking redraw while waiting users activity in a "child" process  (FILE SHOW, DD, etc.)
- Window shutdown button now returns F8 in "child" instead of hanging
- Updated help system contents and a bug fixes for appearance
- New version of /CHI2
- Bug fixes for MATRUN
- Directory for MAT chains
- Directory for include files
- End key in FILE SHOW works now as in Survo
- Early check for existence of start sucro given in muste()-function call (no more hanging)
- Comment ( / ) recognized now in R-command
- Bug fix for MAT LOAD (## activation and formatted loading mixed up)
- Extra waiting after calls to file functions of R (less *tmp*… warnings)

Muste 0.5.36
- Bug fix for MAT-problem introduced in 0.5.35
- Tries to preserve certain global variables from "unexpected" changes (could help for occasional DD crashes)
- R-functions muste_ExpandFIleName and write.svo exported
- Certain C-functions exported
- Initial implementation of FILE SQL (requires package virta)

Muste 0.5.35
- LINE=CURVE can be used instead of LINE=9
- LINE=CURVE2 can be used instead of LINE=8
- White color for non-insert status in status bar (Tcl/Tk problems in Linux without)
- bug fix for FILE MEDIT
- a lot of minor modifications to avoid compiler warnings

Muste 0.5.34
- Start sucro can be given as a parameter for muste()-function: muste(sucro="<path_to_sucro>")
- Updated /OPEN sucro
- TXTCONV has new conversion type g (like T, but allows R-style regular expressions)
- TXTCONV specification CONVERSIONS=<name> can be used to determine CONVERSIONS <name> list to be used
- DISCO has a new TRANSREMAP method
- RHISTO command recognized now
- Pressing ctrl-c several times can be used to terminate Muste and R
- GPLOT should return in case of error instead of repeating error
- Sucro key-read bug fixed
- Fix for win /OPEN C:\\
- Loosened DOS-command bindings, can be override with >>
- RES command to show used muste resources
- Larger start field
- Some minor fixes to avoid compiler warnings

Muste 0.5.33
- Command GET <url> <destfile>
- Possible to use urls (http://, https://, ftp://) in paths (LOAD
- Updated query system contents (from Survo 3.39)
- Larger polygons than earlier can now be plotted with GPLOT FILE and RPLOT
- Outlines of filled polygons now visible in GPLOT and RPLOT (linecolor in MOF)
- Bug fix for RPLOT FILE
- Bug fix for GPLOTs INFILES-specification
- Bug fix for SHOW <file> A
- (0.5.32) A> (line with label A below the current line) can be used with +/-: A>+1

Muste 0.5.32
- RPLOT module, works like GPLOT but produces R-code and plots for R-devices
- Bezier curve plotting using LINE=8 and LINE=9
- SHOW specification for GPLOT
- DATA list in edit field may now contain 5000 columns (earlier limit 1000)
- Bug fix for FILE COPY with MATCH MODE=3 without ODD variable
- Small delay added to sur_find_file() to avoid crash in quartz tcl/tk
- Bug fix for writing non-ascii chars

Muste 0.5.31
- Bug fixes for clipboard (non-ascii chars handled correctly, no more crash while pasting a lot of text)
- FILE COPY now outputs 0 for "non-odd" observations in source file with MODE=3 or ODD=<var>,3
- fi_to_write() now updates file pointer; fixes first observations with MATCHed FILE COPY
- Bug fix for outputting ODD cases when there is more than one MATCH variable
- Bug fix for EPS JOIN crash
- Some extra checks to avoid error messages while exiting Muste
- Note to test if MAXFIELDS-specification in special case of FILE SAVE fixes problem

Muste 0.5.30
- Improved paste from clipboard if string contains tabs or \r is used as a line separator
- Copy to clipboard uses now \r\n instead of \n if system is Windows
- .muste.systemopen() used instead on .muste.system() in >START -calls
- Updated and simplified version of /OPEN -sucro
- changed to print_dev=PS.DEV in SURVO.APU (Linux compatibility)
- Minor changes in compare.c,conv.c,corr.c,corrtest.c,disco.c,dist.c,distv.c to avoid compiler warnings
- Open command in DD should work now
- sur_delete() now returns zero if no error (no more error while using DD for deleting files)
- Bugfixes for FILE MEDIT (now resizing if needed and disabled mouse selection after find (alt+F5))
- Increased buffersize while saving matrices from edit field (mat.c)
- Bugfix for MAT SAVE DATA (hopefully no more crash on win64)

Muste 0.5.29
- VARS= works now similarly as MASK= and both allow outputting MASK (F8) or VARS (F9)
- "FILE LOAD data TO R>data" now supports edit field data matrix and list (data types 1 and 3)
- INFOBAR shows the actual color of insert color
- Cursor colors (normal and insert) can be changed with system parameter cursor_color (see <Survo>/SURVO.APU for format)
- Bugfix for MTAB (use of IVARIABLES always crashed MTAB because of memory allocation bug)
- muste_fopen() uses now iconv, but cannot override actual behavior of fopen so non-ascii charactes in file names and paths cause problems

Muste 0.5.28
- "Stamp" activation works with fence lines (0.5.27)
- Prefix activation ( ##) uses last occurrence instead of first (0.5.27)
- TEMPDISK GET returns path with "
- TEMPDISK SET checks that the new path is writable
- Updated version of sucros Z and Z_SLAVE
- New version of /OPEN sucro (KV & RS)
- New version of /WHICH sucro (uses now slashes instead of backslashes) (KV)
- EXIT should now terminate Muste
- No more error while using scrollbar arrows
- INFOBAR does not disappear in restarting (variable initialized)
- Fixes for DESKTOP-functions to deal with "blanco-paths" (KV)
- function for crossplatform opening of applications, used by DD O-command
- Bugfix for subst conversions (not all occurrences were converted)
- muste_set_R_string() creates directly R-variable, should fix problems with clipboard copy of "
- Bugfix for prefix-activation (F2 Esc); now stops after first sucro
- Better control for SOFTKEY restoration (no more force restoration by {soft on} in sucros)
- Other minor potential bug fixes detected with valgrind

Muste 0.5.27
- muste() detects if Muste editor is already running
- /REF-SAVE uses now backslashes in saved paths for compatibility with Survo
- FILE CREATE/UPDATE allows to define initial value using MISSING=<string or integer> specification
- Support for subst in desktop functions (INDEX, DD etc.)
- String variables of different width supported now in DISCO
- Changes in keyboard/mouse-functions so that only "relevant" keys are accepted (e.g. "fixes" /J)
- ctrl+ commands disabled in prompts (such as ctrl+s in exit query)
- backspace support for prompts
- shows insert key status in INFOBAR

Muste 0.5.26
- bug fixes for clipboard

Muste 0.5.25
- copy to clipboard uses now writeClipboard() -function on Windows
- bugfixes for ROTATE and LOADM.

Muste 0.5.24
- bugfix for LINEDEL
- system parameters subst1,subst2... for substitution of path names in the form: subst1=A:|~/.muste/
- backslashes used with system commands (better functioning of OS-commands)
- capability[2] for separating plot and gplot (fixes problem with scatterplots in versions 0.5.21-0.5.23)
- improved handling of plotwindow scaling
- sucro /V uses now backslashes in paths  for compatibility with Survo
- bugfix for op_goto2 (problems with wide windows in /V {jump 1,1,1,1}

Muste 0.5.23
- MUSTEAPU environment variable can be used to determine location and name for Muste configuration file
- THEME WHITE- (theme=WHITE- in muste.apu)
- Rscript -system parameter for running R script while launching Muste
- extra checks for one-click-copy and click-del (mouse click in line number area closes the one-click-copy mode)

Muste 0.5.22
- one-click-copy
- SLOW=1 for GPLOT
- bugfix for PRIND in GPLOT
- /LOAD works now with given line label

Muste 0.5.21
- win64bit bugfixes
- /LOAD bugfixes
- small changes for setup configuration file

Muste 0.5.20
- Configuration file muste.apu
- better compatibility with old R versions

Muste 0.5.19
- THEME WHITE as default
- event loop disabled as default
- bug fixes (in FILE LOAD data TO R>data, quit menu cancel, SELECT conditions in destination instead of source file in MODE=3 MATCH-copy etc.)

Muste 0.5.18
- bug fixes for ESTIMATE, STAT, TAB etc.
- UPLOW.BIN included

Muste 0.5.17
- UNDO/REDO commands (ctrl+z,shift+ctrl+z) and edit menu items
- commmon nonascii characters handled correctly in GPLOT texts
- dispch() fix for win64
- priority for editorial arithmetic activation changed - currently only NOP,UNDO,REDO,GPLOT,PLOT,HISTO and TAB commands override =-activation
- GPLOT and PLOT now accept all specification on current line regardless of the place of activation

Muste 0.5.16
- GPLOT fonts and bug fixes
- cut and paste functionality (ctrl+x depending on ins-mode, shift+ctrl+x, ctrl+shift+v, edit menu entries)
- bug fixes for 64bit win crashes, bug fix for MAT #CONVOLUTION
- a few extra checks for almost constant case in STAT

Muste 0.5.15
- important fixes for GPLOT

Muste 0.5.14
- INFILE, PIEs, colors etc. in GPLOT
- ctrl+S for saving
- shift+backspace
- menu for Save edit field (as)
- shadow shown in status bar
- bug fixes

Muste 0.5.13
- new command INFOBAR
- updated MSQPLOT.EDT

Muste 0.5.12
- New commands THEME and HEADLINE
- more functionality for command MENU
- Theme menu under View menu

Muste 0.5.11
- MENU command
- Initial File menu

Muste 0.5.10
- Small bug fixes (GPLOT, VAR #, INDEX)

Muste 0.5.9
- MAGIC CREATE <odd-dim> / METHOD=<1-4>
- spec_rnd_rndseed() for setting random seeds
- Fix for .OnLoad

Muste 0.5.8
- INS by ctrl+m or fn+return
- insert lines by shift+return
- delete mouse selection by backspace
- some bug fixes for matrix interpreter
- ed.arithmeric allowed for marker size in POINT-specification
- MSQPLOT demo
- INS for soft buttons
- NEW allowed in FILE SAVE MAT
Muste 0.5.7
- some prind=0 added (FILE SELECT, FILE UPDATE, FILE CREATE)
- TXTCONV C-conversion
- wide files tagged with MUSTE DATA
- some fixes for >COPY and R source file evalution
Muste 0.5.6
- bug fixes

Muste 0.5.5
- initial support for wide files
- muste.h

Muste 0.5.4
- bug fixes for FILE LOAD
- extra specifications SKIP and ENCODING for FILE LOAD
- 8-bit code conversion fix for LOADW
- percentage print while PLOTting with TYPE=CONTOUR

Muste 0.5.3
- a lot of small fixes (desktop, MTAB etc.) and enhancements (especially in arithmetics in plot and var)
- sur_is_directory()
- force sysname in hae_apu()

Muste 0.5.2
- commands CHARS and WORDS implemented
- .muste.del() function now in MUSTE.R
- ACCURACY as in artihmetics for conversions
- support for MAT_ in PLOTs
- data close fixes for MAT SAVE DATA

Muste 0.5.1
- New START field and softkeys
- fix for GS-PDF sucro
- longs vars show in FILE SHOW now as in Survo
- variable inits for reliab.c and matsda.c
- data_close():s for FILE SAVE MAT
- emacs key bindings (crtl+A/D/E/K/O)
- NOFORMAT specification in FILE SAVE
- FILE LOAD +TEST implemented

Muste 0.5.0 (May 1 2012)
- MTAB (with html extensions)
- numerical conversions can now be used in editorial artihmetics
- R activates until next empty line (bug fix)
- no more auto-skipping of activation of sucro comment lines while running sucros

Muste 0.4.98
- improvements for desktop modules (KV)
- Changed to R-forge directory structure that allows several packages (moved from pkg to pkg/muste)

Muste 0.4.97
- No more autolaunch
- bug fix: mask() and conditions() are now skipped in FILE EXPAND

Muste 0.4.96
- Removed as much stuff from the .OnLoad() as possible to avoid build conflicts in R-forge
- No more autostart (without write access)
- INSERT-specification for COPYBLO
- COPYBLO command
- no more error if / is in the beginning of the line
- direct use of condition with SELECT
- fix for using ORDER in CASES-type conditions
- exit from Muste with q()-command
- stub for ARIT

Muste 0.4.95
- checks for proper use of IND and CASES
- NOP (or / in control column) for NULL-activation
- SKIP, FILTER and REMOVE_QUOTES now work with NAMES-definition in FILE SAVE
- user participation required to decide what to do in the case of arithmetical computation errors in VAR (abort or replace with MISSING values)
- fix for MEASURES.EDT measures-lines definition
- a few fixes to avoid  unnecessary compiler error messages

Muste 0.4.94
- Uses Rtempdir if no write access
- Alt-Delete and Alt-Insert can be used in addition to Alt-F9 and Alt-F10

Muste 0.4.93
- REMOVE_QUOTES specification for FILE SAVE

Muste 0.4.92
- A lot of minor changes in order to avoid warnings in R CMD CHECK (mainly printf -> sprintf & sur_print)
- Cleaning up the sources to avoid compiler warnings

Muste 0.4.91
- Improved R> etc. functions so that R> is cleared from the beginning of each line and & can be used to indicate continuation of command on the next line
- now R,r or > in control column as well as those lines which are pointed by any R L1,L2 commands in the edit field allow R-activation with ESC
- changed muste_isnumber -function

Muste 0.4.90
- Bugfix: Enhanced variable initialization for PRINT
- SurvoPoint sucro checks
- muste_showlongvar mode 1 disabled

Muste 0.4.89
- MKDIR now checks if directory exists
- numeric variables not allowed with CASES-specification
- FILE SAVE can now deal better with long variable names
- codes_load -functions changed to work with 8-bit characters in several places
- Alt+F3 fixed to work similarly with several lines
- FILE SHOW fixed and now should work with long text variables (F1-toggels between modes, specification SHOWLONG=width can be given, + and - can be used to change width, longshow "trims" lines)

Muste 0.4.88
- (") and (') changed in muste_system() to deal with space-paths in Windows
- some fixes for FILE SHOW
- special displays of the contents of long variables added (different modes activated by F1 in FILE SHOW)
- FILE MEDIT data close fix
- REPLACE with shodows fixed
- WIN2.BIN included

Muste 0.4.87
- fix for SELECT bug introduced in the previous version
- simple boolean algebra and error checking for SELECT with multiple variables in one specification
- split functions now initialize for given max splits even if less are actually available (no more crash if g is not checked properly in all occasions)
- copy several lines (alt-F3)
- updated help files
- SPOINT.EDT demo file

Muste 0.4.86
- fix for html open (& works in path)
- ROUT and R output to outline/text file implemented
- CASES-type condition allowed for integers
- SELECT expanded to understand EHTO=A*B*C,1 style selections
- SurvoPoint (F1-A)

Muste 0.4.85
- clipboard should now work better in Windows
- DEL clears selection so that ctrl-R activates what it should
- small fix for PS-plotting with several colors
- Added R>func(A,B) for editorial artihmetics and related operations (VAR, TRASFORM, MAT, DIST, DISTV, FILE MEDIT)
- any R function taking constant numerical arguments and returning single numerical values accepted
- extra tryCatch for clipboard paste

Muste 0.4.84
- FILE SAVE R><R data frame> TO <dest.SVO> (R2Survodata transformation)

Muste 0.4.83
- bug fixes for SER (sp_init() too late) and DISCO (BLOCKORDER-specification)
- Some outcommented development in R to SVO conversion
- Minor modifications to new START-field
- New START-field (draft version)
- iconv for R and R> activations
- pound changed in MEASURES.EDT
- some outcommented work on R data frame -> .svo transformation

Muste 0.4.82
- updated GS-PDF (in the last version)
- pre-spaces dropped in muste_isnumber() so that FILE COPY type=1 (data in edit field) recognizes types
- VARS-specification in FILE COPY type=1 implemented/corrected
- "minus-paths" for TUTLOAD, TUTSAVE and TUTDEL
- fixes for "spacepaths" in op_dos()
- Quote handling for qpath

Muste 0.4.81
- Fix after test of R memory allocation functions (cannot be used as they freeze Muste in case of error)
- Now quotes are removed while reading from SURVO.APU
- check for allocated memory was added to some MAT operations
- fixes for /BOXPLOT: Check for number of parameters in TXTCONV
- no more orgsplit for internally generated command lines in MAT operations

Muste 0.4.80
- muste_sleep interrupt checking
- open edit field DATA case sensitive
- editor headline display OK for fields wider than 996
- Sucro on key now disregards now "dummy" keys
- Interrupt handing for executing R from Muste

Muste 0.4.79
- FILE SORT long->int fix
- TAB FILE buffer fix and support for SUM
- FILE LOAD LABELS=1 specification

Muste 0.4.78
- Bugfix TO as a variable name in VAR
- fresh copy KUNNAT.SVO
- bug fix for FILE AGGR
- F1-G fix (mouse selection now clears selection variables)

Muste 0.4.77
- max integer in conv.c (factors) now unsigned long
- first clipboard paste does not hang
- fixes for unix paths (removed uprstr)

Muste 0.4.76
- FILE MEDIT shows missing variables shorter time
- FILE SELECT works with MARK and NMATCH specifications
- first paste from tcl-clipboard does not hang anymore even if the clipboard is empty

Muste 0.4.75
- FILE MEDIT shows non-existing variables as ones with MISSING values
- NAMESPACE added and variables moved to own .muste environment from the .GlobalEnv
- F2-Esc now stops at error
- FILE SAVE MAT should not crash anymore
- Revised writing of non-ascii characters in write_string()
- Current column can no more exceed the width of the edit field
- Access to control column now requires several presses of {l} as in Survo
- edit_font in SURVO.APU can now be used to set the default font size and window location
- Now >COPY, >DEL, >RD ja >MD echo their commands
- Extra check for paste of empty clipboard
- FILE SHOW should not crash because of "too long" string variables
- FILE SELECT now finds also other matches than the first one

Muste 0.4.74
- line A> in command searches only after current line
- improved euro character handling
- SUCRO-key bindings for Windows

Muste 0.4.73
- FILE specification in TAB
- as Riconv is not converting characters after certain problematic characters the write_string function splits conversion if required
- added support for typing euro character
- important bug fixes including tut_info[] -> *tut_info in soft.c

Muste 0.4.72

Muste 0.4.71
- F1-v var_get_name

Muste 0.4.70
- Special keys ignored while asking file overwrite
- PREFIX ## ignored in certain special cases
- File close after SYS SAVE/RESTORE
- File close fixes for FILE MASK
- Variable inits for FILE SAVE
- Improvements for \r handling in FILE SAVE
- Support for keys F11 and F12 (with shift, alt, ctrl)
- F1-functionality
- support for OPEN.SYS

Muste 0.4.69
- >DIR

Muste 0.4.68
- fixes for quote handling

Muste 0.4.67

Muste 0.4.66
- splitq fixes
- a lot of bug fixes (especially in file operations)

Muste 0.4.65
- bug fixes for quote handling
- colorful insert cursor

Muste 0.4.64
- bug fixes, path checks
- path with spaces in quotes, FILE SORT fixed

Muste 0.4.63
- FILE SORT speed up
- fseek SEEK_CUR instead of SEEK_SET
- FILE LOAD/COPY <sour> TO R><dest>
- bugfixes: /LOAD; crtl+f11/f12 instead of alt+

Muste 0.4.62
- desktop improvements (especially DD)
- "Survodata to R" early draft

Muste 0.4.61
- HELP system

Muste 0.4.60
- MUSTE.CLP/CMD by session
- alkututor (MUSTE.STA) with parameters
- /LOAD2, /Z

Muste 0.4.59
- Support for start sucro (file MUSTE.STA)

Muste 0.4.58
- mouse release no more muste-event
- HELP window early draft

Muste 0.4.57
- Windows fixes for selection, mousewheel and scrollbars
- shift+mousewheel for horizontal scrolling
- xscrollbar, selection xscroll

Muste 0.4.56
- mouse selection with scrolling & copy/paste

Muste 0.4.55
- more desktop functionality (DD, SEARCH, INDEX)
- initial mouse selection

Muste 0.4.54
- SBAR, vertical scrollbar and mouse wheel implemented

Muste 0.4.53
- Bugfix for FILE COPY
- a few free-alloc pairs to reallocs in data.c

Muste 0.4.52
- automatic fclose (TXTCONV bug)
- fixed missing sp_init in smooth.c

Muste 0.4.51
- Changes needed to work with R 2.14 and fixes in package checking

Muste 0.4.50

Muste 0.4.49
- fence fix

Muste 0.4.48
- some changes in matrix/pol allocations

Muste 0.4.47
- free+malloc -> muste_realloc mat.c varaa_tila()

Muste 0.4.46

Muste 0.4.45
- check for X12 Tcl/Tk in Mac

Muste 0.4.44

Muste 0.4.43
- bug fixes ctrl+r
- ractivate iconv
- shift/control+insert, ctrl+c

Muste 0.4.42
- bugfixes MAT_, mat_gj()

Muste 0.4.41
- Fixes to TOUR (>COPY -> FILE COPY ; 8-bit conv)
- bug fixes (files not closed at exit) for EPS and FILE SELECT
- GS-PDF and OPEN sucros system-conditioned

Muste 0.4.40

Muste 0.4.39
- <Survo> in path handling
- bugfixes

Muste 0.4.38
- Some fixes to memory allocation

Muste 0.4.37
- Improved resource allocation (bug fixes, muste_realloc)

Muste 0.4.36
- Improved memory/resource handling: muste_malloc etc.

Muste 0.4.35

Muste 0.4.34

Muste 0.4.33
- GPLOT fixes

Muste 0.4.32
- more GPLOT and bugfixes

Muste 0.4.31
- bug fixes

Muste 0.4.30
- improved CANON

Muste 0.4.29
- GPLOT fixes

Muste 0.4.28
- plotfunc.h

Muste 0.4.27
- some bugfixes

Muste 0.4.26

Muste 0.4.25
- PLOT (pbar,pdia,faces)
- updated COMPARE
- fi_load bug fix

Muste 0.4.24

Muste 0.4.23
- CONTOUR plot

Muste 0.4.22

Muste 0.4.21
- PLOT curves

Muste 0.4.20
- RND in compare.c
- removal of exit()-calls

Muste 0.4.19
- fixed specification handling for matrix interpreter

Muste 0.4.18
- Library functions for keyboard handling
- touch mode OK
- bug fixes
- .muste.system()

Muste 0.4.17
- new parameterization of distribution functions
- sur_getch for touch-mode

Muste 0.4.16
- TRIM-commands to fence_stop in SURVO.APU
- more matrix fuctions to survolib
- Fixed issues causing R CMD check warnings and notes

Muste 0.4.15 (Jul 2011)
- Restored cleaned C sources